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What If You Could Have an Amazing Stress-Free

 Disney World Vacation with Your Little Ones?

Just the other day, I was visiting Magic Kingdom with my two children (ages 2 and 4).  We were having a fun and relaxing day at one of our favorite Disney Theme Parks.  We were walking to the Walt Disney World Railroad when I noticed a family of 4 with two little children about the same ages.  The mom and dad looked exhausted and neither had a smile on their face!  The infant was crying and the other child looked like they were not having any fun.  This family is the typical family of preschoolers visiting Disney World.  The whole Disney World planning process and vacation experience should be much more enjoyable and not a stressful experience!  I wanted to go over to this family and tell them about the Preschoolers Guide to Disney World! 

The Preschoolers Guide to Disney World will help you have a relaxing and stress-free vacation to Walt Disney World!


Save HOURS of time researching the best resort, best attraction, best Character Dining, best recreation for your family.  This can take hours and hours of your time away from the kids trying to figure out the best for your family. 

Save TIME waiting in lines at Disney World with planned itineraries and tips just for families with little ones (infants-5 years old).  Adults do not like to wait in line, but kids can only last 5 minutes in a Theme Park line.  Follow our tips and itineraries to maximize your vacation with little wait times at the parks.

Save MONEY by purchasing the best tickets and booking the best resort for the little ones.  Without knowing you may add the Park Hopper Option onto your ticket for $50 per person to find out that this is not the best ticket add on for families with younger children.  Most families with preschoolers never hop parks, which means you just wasted $200 for a family of 4 on your tickets.  Learn other tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your vacation.

Get the most VALUE for your Disney World vacation by learning about the best attractions, activities, restaurants, and recreation for your preschoolers. 

Just HAVE FUN reading about the best of the best for your little ones at  Disney World.  This easy to read guide will help you determine if your family is ready for a visit to Disney World.  If you already have your trip planned, it will get your excited about your Disney World vacation of a lifetime!


Most Disney travel books talk about planning a general vacation to Disney World.  The Preschoolers Guide to Disney World is the only guide, written just for families with children (ages 1-5). 

The team that contributed to the Preschoolers Guide to Disney World are recognized Disney World experts.  They include past Disney Cast Members, travel agents specializing in Disney vacations, Florida locals, and mothers of preschoolers (ranging from 1-5). 

They are experts to help plan your Disney World vacation with little ones!


Preschoolers Guide to Disney World includes:

Top 5 Disney Resorts for Preschoolers - Detailed information about these popular Disney Resorts perfect for your little ones.

The Best of the Best at the Disney Theme Parks - Learn what rides and attractions are the best for preschoolers.

Special Events at Disney - Disney has several special events throughout the year perfect for younger kids.  Do you know about these events?

Other Attractions at Disney World - Besides the four Disney Theme Parks, there are other attractions at Disney that are perfect for preschoolers.  Learn about the best of the best attractions around Disney for little ones.

Activities at Disney World - Did you know that Disney World had lots of free or inexpensive activities perfect for preschoolers outside of the Theme Parks?

Dining at Disney World - We spotlight the best dining at Disney World for the younger kids so you can pick the best restaurants for your visit.

Recreation at Disney - There are plenty of fun recreational activities for younger kids at Disney.  Learn about these fun activities for your little ones!

Fun Souvenirs - We offer suggestions for the most popular souvenirs for preschoolers at Disney World.

Childcare at Disney World - Disney World is great for adults, too.  Learn about the various childcare at Disney so adults can enjoy a night out at Disney.

General Tips and Suggestions About Planning a Trip with Preschoolers - Our Disney Cast Members and Vacation Planners have lots of tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your vacation.

Theme Park Itineraries - We also helped make your job just a little bit easier by including our planned itineraries at all of the Disney Theme Parks just for families with preschoolers.

This ebook is over 30 pages of information.  An ebook is an electronic book that you can read online.  As soon as you purchase the ebook, you will have immediate access to the ebook on the PayPal payment page.  Our Guide is an easy to read PDF file that you can print, read online, or save to your PDA to review during your vacation. 


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