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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park Review

by admin on June 14, 2010

Last week, I took a chance and headed out to Islands of Adventure to see if I could get into the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I'd read in the Orlando Sentinel that Universal was opening up the new park for short periods of time on random days and thought I'd try my luck.

Fortunately, I was able to walk right in to the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter and take in the sites, shows, rides, and attractions for about 3 hours. (No 3 hour tour jokes, please). :)

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Just as everyone's said about this ride, it's very unique and fun.  Rather than copy what everyone else has said about it, I'll give a brief review of my own experience.  There may be a few spoilers, so be warned!

The ride is housed in a replica of Hogwarts Castle that you've seen in the ads and pictures.  The best way I can describe the Harry Potter ride is that it's a mix between Spider-Man at the Super Hero island and Soarin' at Epcot.  This doesn't really do it justice, but it's the best analogy I could come up with after riding it, twice.

Be forewarned! I do not recommend this ride for kids!  It has some potentially very scary scenes and effects.  If you're familiar with the Harry Potter books and movie series, imagine all the scary characters and images from the books and movies in this ride and very close-up.  The ride does have a height requirement, so that should deter some from riding.  However, my 6 year old son meets the height requirement (48"), but I would never bring him on this ride.  He'd have nightmares for weeks.

The queue line for the Harry Potter ride is almost as much fun as the ride itself!  I know, hard to believe, but I really enjoyed the line.  As you move from section to section of Hogwarts Castle, you see a different show with different effects and props.  I waited about 60 minutes when I went through the full line and it didn't seem like much of a wait, at all.  In fact, I liked that I was able to move slowly through the castle to appreciate all the shows and effects.  I used the single rider line for my first ride and you miss almost the entire castle in that line.

Ollivander's Wand Shop

The line for Ollivanders was crazy!  Around the corner from the door, up the exit queue for the Dragon Challenge, back around a "closed" shop, and finally up towards the Harry Potter ride, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  All of this to buy a wand?  Well, no, not really, as I later found out.

I decided I definitely needed to wait in that line and fortunately, Universal was smart and sent serving girls around to take your order of Butterbeer (review coming up in a future post) and Pumpkin Juice.  By the time I waited for my Butterbeer and drank the delicious mixture, I was at the front of the line.

I did not realize that Ollivanders was strictly a show!  You go in with a big group, the "wand salesperson" picks out a person (usually a child) and does the show -- selecting the wand and so on.  Once the show is over, you're led into the Owl Post to purchase your wand.  Once in the Owl Post, I realized you can enter directly into the Owl Post and buy your wand without going through the Ollivander show.

However, the Owl Post and Dervish & Banges (connected to the Owl Post) are both extremely small, making it very hard to find anything you're looking to buy (especially wands) and I expect it to be VERY, VERY crowded and frustrating come opening time.

Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes, and Zonko's

I'm grouping these three together because there's really not much to say about them, individually.

You are not allowed to look around Three Broomsticks, unless you're buying food.  Truly a shame, since this looks to be one of the most interesting buildings in the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, aside from Hogwarts.  I made sure to mention this error for Universal upon my exit (they were randomly selecting people to take surveys and I was one of the lucky ones!).  You can look from the entrance, but that's it and I had just eaten, so I wasn't going to buy some food just so I could look around.

Honeydukes is a big candy store with some cool colors and candy.  This is probably the biggest store in the new park and they should have used that space for Dervish & Banges or Owl Post, both of which will likely get more traffic than a candy store.  I have a hard time imagining that Universal will sell enough candy out of this location to make it profitable.

Zonkos is very cool and seemed to be running the best of any retail location in the new park.  It has just the right amount of space and some really cool toys, gadgets, and gizmos.

One of my favorite things about the new Harry Potter park is that the show never seems to end!  Everywhere you look, there's some moving animatronics character, live character shows and performances, a ride, scenes from the Harry Potter books, and so on.  This includes both inside the retail locations and attractions, but also out in the "streets."  You're continually entertained and made to feel like you've truly entered the world of Harry Potter.

Overall, a fantastic experience!  I can't wait to go back.  Are you planning to visit the new Harry Potter theme park?  When?  Been already?  Let us know!  Please, leave some feedback in the comments, below.

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  • Bluebabebritt07

    This was a very good review. I've been reading other ones that all say the same things. I found tihs helpful and it made me even more excited to go!!! Thank you!!!

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    i look this site and i think there are more info!

  • NotAsheep

    First, we are passholders and live in Florida about 1 hour north. Universal (Unlike Disney, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld) DID NOT give the passholders or furthermore their OWN EMPLOYEES the opportunity of a “soft opening” that other parks provide their passholders and employees with. We are the visitors who come and stay and spend money at these parks more so than just annual or frequent visitors. This was a MAJOR slap in the face. Needless to say, we will NOT be renewing out passes for a family of 3 next year. A lot of passholders and families of employees who I met in line are very upset over this, so I know I'm not the only one. I do feel bad for visitors who did spend a fortune on tickets to wait in line for 6-8+ hours just to get into this area. Of course, if you spent tons of money on the overpriced hotel rooms on Universal's property you got priority which also angered many other people. As I mentioned prior why not, they are only here once and maybe just maybe they will come to visit again and waste all day long in a line.

    My son (who is 7) and I got to the park at 7:45 a.m. We stood in a line with several thousands of people to get into the gates for 2 hours. The mornings aren't so bad in Florida and we had water with us at this time so we were okay, plus there was a slight breeze with helped to make the wait tolerable. Finally, we got through the gate at 9:45 a.m. (the park opens at 9 am btw and rides at 10 a.m.) By now we were down to 1 big bottle of water. When we got through the gates we were routed through the Marvel area instead of going to the right through Seuss Landing to the Harry Potter area, this out of the way journey was filled with misinformation from staff members so being management how told us we were 2 hours away and others told us it would take anyway from 4-6 hours!.
    We were fortunate enough to make friends with people in the lines where we took turns holding places so we could get drinks and take bathroom breaks. Everyone was sweating so bad in the line as temperatures zoomed to 95+ degrees with a heat index of 105 degrees. At no time did cast members offer any viable information to their waiting patrons. Several out of state visitors actually were stating that they were going to request refunds as they were anger of how this entire event was handled. This was a public relations nightmare.

    To wrap it up we got the park before 8 a.m. waited until 9:45 a.m. to get through the gates to Islands of Adventure, stood in line until 3:45 p.m. when we finally entered the Harry Potter area where lines for stores were an additional 1-2+ hours and rides lines were even longer! Was it worth it? Absolutely not! I could have spent much more of my day enjoying the park or spending a peaceful day at home than dealing with the aggravation of waiting for 8 hours to find out I'd have to wait longer for shops and rides. My son and I were so physically exhausted from the heat and waits and lack of food that we left the park.

    Openings are obviously are public relations and marketing failure for Universal. Two words: POOR PLANNING. They did not obviously have enough crowd control and provided conflicting information to patrons. Universal should have provided they patrons with tickets as soon as you came through the gate for the rides in Harry Potter (similar to a fast pass) where as you could return at the area at a specific time to go on the rides, or for that fact, to enter the stores. This would have alleviated a lot of the congestion and extremely long waits. Do I think this park was over capacity? MOST DEFINITELY. My husband, who actually was with local law enforcement when I was at the park, all raised their eyebrows when I mentioned the amount of people there.

    Well have fun dealing with the wait for Harry Potter even if you are a fanatical fan. It was a total nightmare and waste of time.

  • http://www.guide2disney.com/ Disney_Guide

    Let me start off my reply with a disclosure: I sell, either directly or indirectly (as an affiliate) Universal tickets and vacation pacakges. However, this in no way affects my response or opinion.

    First, let me say that I don't think Universal was prepared for the massive crowds that came to the opening. I'm not sure any company would have been prepared for that. Was it handled poorly? Probably. I noticed when I was there that every employee had a different answer to a question and different rules to follow. I'm not sure about the public relations nightmare, though. Even bad press is press and they got plenty of it for those crowds. It's possible that some people had some misconceptions about how this opening would progress. I had no question that it would be a LOT of waiting, crowds, and quite possibly not even make it into the park. The Orlando Sentinel warned everyone of this possibility just the week before the opening.

    I'm not sure what you mean that locals, employees, and passholders were not offered the opportunity to go to a “soft opening.” I wrote this review after going, as an annual passholder, to a soft opening in early June. I also heard from many friends and acquantainces that Universal allowed anyone in the park into the island from 9AM-12PM starting on May 28th and continuing on through the grand opening. It wasn't busy at all while I was there — even the “long” lines like for Ollivanders and the Forbidden Journey went quickly. Could they have communicated this opportunity better to annual passholders? Definitely.

    I just took a chance and learned about the opportunity. However, as a local and annual passholder, I had absolutely no intention of trying to fight crowds like this on opening day. That's why I have an annual pass. I can come back on another day. I heard the night before that the parking lot was opening at 5:30AM and said, “No way. It's not that important.”

    As to the “overpriced” hotels and getting in early — just about every park in Orlando provides this benefit to their guests. Disney's Extra Magic Hours are just an example. It's not just for the Harry Potter park opening.

    I'm sorry you had such a poor experience. I absolutely loved the new island on both the opportunities I had to see it. I noted the couple of areas I felt needed some attention, but nothing out of the ordinary. From my perspective, Universal really stepped up their game on this project and likely dealt a significant blow to other area theme parks.

  • Basnapp

    I totally agree! We were there opening week and our experience was exactly the same. I was so excited to go and then ran into this. My husband says he will never return. I thought everything looked beautiful and real but never we never got into any stores.
    I did take a lot of pictures but that is all I got for my ticket price. Pretty expensive pictures. If you plan to go I would suggest you wait quite a while or go during the off season.

  • TIK09151984

    Not Asheep- Yes there was an employee preview; but it was for EMPLOYEES only; not employees and their families. They each got one ticket. Also; there were soft openings; they just didn't announce it. I, myself went to the wizarding world the monday before the grand opening and enjoyed everything it had to offer (other than the insane crowds since people didn't realize it was open yet).

    Also; I heard that the gift shops are small because that's all JK Rowling would let them do. She kind of controls everything that has to do with Harry Potter. And she wanted the shopps small so they were more like what she has always imagined them to be.

  • Potter downer

    I agree with you. Not worth the long wait and will not renew passes….but why has nobody mentioned in any review that there is a size limit to the main ride? I am not talking height either. Large people cannot get on the ride. I have never been turned away from a ride due to my size before…..I waited 2 hours, got into the “car” and the attendant could not shut the harness. I was escorted off the ride and put in a holding room until my family was finished. I am not petite but I am not huge. The rest of my time there I looked at all the people who would not be allowed on the ride and felt bad for them as they spent A LOT of money to come to Universal. I am not a Potter fan. I went for my kids. I found out later that there are “test chairs” near the entrance to try out the fit. The place was so crowded, I did not see them. Shame on you Universal for not “warning” those of us who may not fit into your ride! Again, I feel bad for the real Potter fans who came all this way and were not able to see the star attraction. By the way, I fit into all of the other rides at Universal!

  • http://twitter.com/harrypotterthem Harry Potter

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  • fun times

    I didn't see the need to go so close to opening day. Most places are going to be jam packed around then. Plus, when you wait it gives everyone a chance to straighten out all of the bugs. The employees have some time to get their info right and to see what works and what doesn't. I just went and had an amazing time! The lines were well organized, and although they were long, they moved fast and had entertainment for you while you waited. Plus, most of the lines bring you inside in the air condition, offer shade, or provide fans.If you are not a Harry Potter fan, it may not be worth the wait, because you don't appreciate everything that is laid out for you. Even the bathroom has a fun twist that was unexpected. I have never been to Universal Studios before, but now I can't wait to go back! Harry Potter's world was visually stunning and I felt like I was in their world. I couldn't get the smile off my face. I had a truly amazing experience! I strongly encourage those who had a negative experience to return when it is the off season so that you can experience the magic of the place, not line after line.

  • Tgbro14

    This was just a lack of common sense on your part. Harry Potter is a huge trend and it was obviously highly anticipated. The first day of anything is never perfect….any business class can teach you that one. I, being a highly obsessed fan, was smart enough to wait to go and was completely fine. Maybe next time you would like to join a fad you should know that they have consequences.

  • Chelsea

    I went on the third day it was opened to the pblic. It was an amazing experiance, and yes the owl post and Dervish and Banges was extremely frustrating. Packed wall to wall with people. Somehow me and my family made it through without loosing each other. Very high costs on everything, we spent $50 on Butterbeer alon and another $130 on wands. The ride was so extremely amazing! It was a mix from all movies including of screens and real props :) Even th line itself was xtraordinary, SPOILER: with talking pictures to the talking, sorting house hat, it was an expreiance like no other. I managed to ride the ride 4 times ( and keeping count) I loved this theme ark, 5 stars!

  • scubaorang

    We were fortunate enough to go during soft opening with early opening for Virgin Holiday clients from the UK. It was an amazing experience and even as a hard-hearted adult( but major Potter fan), I was almost in tears of excitement. If you can get over it being boiling Florida sunshine rather than the atmospheric freezing England, the attention to detail really brings the books to life. The queues were practically non-existant so we were rather spoilt, but as has been mentioned before the queue through Hogwarts barely counts as a queue as there is so much to see and was for me one of the best bits.

  • Faareet

    We are visiting Fort Myers and looking to extend our trip by 1 day to check out the Harry Potter theme park as a surprise for our 8 year old son. Do you think it’s worth it to go to Orlando just to visit the Harry Potter theme park or should we wait until another time when we can be at Universal for more than a day? Also, how much time would an 8 year old (who really enjoys Harry Potter) need to go through the whole Harry Potter theme park?

  • Ironik4bstone

    We just left orlando and were extremely disappointed by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The place was tiny with just three rides two of which my children could not ride. The shops were tiny and they had run out of merchandise and each employee gave us a differenct answer. We were treated rudely when we ate, no shows, no characters. We were treated very rudely. The employees were completely out of character, discussing their evenings out. We were asked to donate to “help” them. I felt I had “donated” enough by purchasing tickets, lunch, and merchandise. The castle is a ride and if you aren’t big enough you can’t go in. Everything was small…nothing seemed authentic. The train just stands still. You can’t go inside the train. The wands don’t activate anything…good grief Great wolf lodge’s wands actually do something. The items are extremely overpriced…extremely and there isn’t much of a selection, you’ld do better to purchase you items off ebay. Save your money and go to Disney World. Disney knows how to treat people and provide a great all around experience with capable employees whom care enough to find out the actual answer. The bottom line is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a massive disappointment, it’s a shame this park isn’t part of Disney…they would have done it right.

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  • Marie28

    I went to Orlando at the beginning of November and the parks were still pretty empty so I had a wonderful experience both at Disney and at Universal. However, be warned that we are now closer to December and things change…

    Being a Harry Potter fan (I’ve been a fan since I was fifteen, I am now twenty-eight), I was dying to go to this park. But, of course, I used my brain and decided to go after the hysteria was over (many of you people whining about bad experiences should have thought about that). I do not regret it. The line for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was 20 minutes long and since I’m pregnant and couldn’t ride I just enjoyed the castle (if you can’t ride, tell a cast member and they’ll show you through another line, which is to see the castle only). The line for the Ollivander show was 30 minutes long, though it took shorter (about 15). My family and I went into every store and took pictures everywhere, enjoyed Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice and saw the little shows going on throughout the island. The cast members were ALWAYS in character which was hilarious! Especially when my husband asked to see Voldemort’s wand and the girls both gasped and shivered and told us: “I guess Muggles can say his name… but we call him ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’” LOL!

    It was a very pleasurable, and incredibly relaxing experience. To see the area fully and experience it completely it would take you maybe three to four hours for a hardcore fan on a good day (like the day I experienced, which, if you have a choice, should be Wednesday). You can use the rest of the day to enjoy the rest of the park. Would I recommend going to Orlando ONLY to enter this park? Hmm… if you are going on a weekend then no. It will be too full. If you are going during the week, and not on Holiday then yes.

  • Natalie

    I really liked the care that was put into all the details of the park. My biggest disappointment was realizing how small the park is! My daughter and I entered the park at 7:30 am — and by 8:00 am it was filled to capacity. We were told that if we left, we would not be allowed to re-enter the park at will. We would have to wait in another long line to get back in or wait in another line to receive a time when we could re-enter the park. My daughter and I were waiting in lines most of the time we were there. Some of the lines were way too long for anyone’s patience. This park needs to be expanded to accommodate all the Harry Potter fans around the world.

  • azmarge

    Planning to go to Harry Potter in May.

  • Luna Stassen

    I’m going there in March and I’m eleven. I’ve read all the books and seen all the Harry Potter movies. Do you think I’ll get nightmares from the Forbiden Journey? I really can’t wait to go!

  • http://www.guide2disney.com/blog Tim_Jones

    If you’ve seen all the movies, probably not. Most of the ride comes from the movies, just be prepared to be close to the show elements that were intended to be scary in the movies.

  • http://www.itec.com/ Park Design

    Just went to visit Universal Studios a month ago and went just for the Harry Potter ride. All I can say was that it blew me away. Really fun and exciting ride. The designers really put their time into this theme park ride design

  • Stupid people annoy me

    haha fatty.

  • CindyLouBou

    I went on the grand opening day (June 18th). Yes TONS of people but I was just extremely happy to be there. On people complaining about the size of the stores, Rowling made them like that on purpose to give the feel like you’re really in the UK. Pretty AUTHENTIC to me. And yes the castle is a ride/tour. And if a child isn’t big enough then simply they aren’t big enough. If you’ve been to a theme park before (excluding Disney) then you should know if your child is big enough to ride the normal rides. And yes there are only 3 rides. It’s not a whole park to itself. There are other parts to Islands Of Adventure you know. As for the pricing of items, it’s a theme park, they are generally high. Either you buy it or you don’t. I say half of their stuff is overpriced and half isn’t. It depends on what you’re looking at. And there are TONS of items. The only “characters” there are the train conductor, the Frog choir, the girls from Beauxbaton, and the guys from Durmstrang. If you ask someone at the park they will tell you when they will perform and are taking pictures. If you decide to wait in the Ollivander’s Wand Shop line then you will get to see a “show” where they pick a kid to get his chosen wand and the wands there interact with items. People want to criticize Universal for not meeting EVERYONES demand but you have to remember that there’s thousands of people going in and out every day and they run out of Harry Potter merchandise quickly. As for getting different answers, not everyone will know what is going on. There are people at the cashiers trying to get people out and get the next person, theres people at the doors to make sure people go out the right door instead of clogging up the entrance, theres people outside trying to answer everyones questions, there’s people stocking items. Not every employee is going to know what is going on every single minute. And in the great words of Pee Wee “If you love Disney so much why don’t you marry it?”.

  • Peterashford

    I was disappointed by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The place had an amazing Castle built on a rock but we were only allowed on the ride and not allowed go inside into the Grand Hall. The three rides would only accommodate medium sized people and many guests were turned away because the seats would not close. Inside the Castle is was very dark and there was nothing magical to look at. The shops were tiny and we had to cue for over an hour outside one shop before being allowed inside to buy a plastic wand! We ate at the three broomsticks, once inside we have to wait in another line for 20 mins before ordering food, were no shows, no characters. The express train was just a stationary replica and you can’t go inside.
    I agree with another report, Save your money and go to Disney World. Disney knows how to treat people and provide a great all around experience. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a massive disappointment, it’s a shame this park isn’t part of Disney…they would have done it right.


  • *DarkGlimmer*

    Don’t be a butt. Harry Potter rules the world. Your just being all muggley.

  • harry-potter-lover


  • Thisisformyfans

    Thank you person!!!!!!!!!

  • FluffyDude01

    Oh my gosh. let me just sum everything up.

    1. you have to go on the forbidden journey ride. Even though I am 10, I still loved it.

    2. Get the butterbeer. even if there is a long line for it, still try to get some.

    3. even though the shops are a little tiny, you kinda have to stop into honeyduke’s and zonko’s.

    4. Try all the other rides at Islands of Adventure. And if the stores at potter are too small for you, but you still want to buy somthing, you can stop by the gift shop at the port of entry, or even at the Orlando airport!

    even though it is about 3 times smaller than they could have made it,

  • MyFlyingChicken

    Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is a very fun and unique ride. I kind of thought of it like you inside Prisoner of Azkaban with Dem****rs and the Who***ng Wil**w. Very fun, even for a 10-year-old like me. You will also like the Butterbeer. The non-frozen version is carbonated, so that is a little better. I also liked Zonko’s. They even had Extendable Ears! For all of you planning to go there, you will love it.

  • MissManners

    My boyfriend and I (both 40+ yrs old Potter fans) traveled from SC to FL to visit my parents near Canaveral over the Memorial Day weekend 2011. The only attraction/park that we wanted to visit is Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. We had originally planned to go on Friday, but got carried away shopping for sensible shoes and further hindered by the typical area thunderstorm – so we went on Saturday. We arrived at the parking garage about half an hour after opening and as we trekked toward the park on foot, decided that we would head straight to the Wizarding World for an early start. As budget conscious visitors to such other theme parks, I expected – large crowds, long lines, overpriced mediocre food, a vast array of pricey novelties and souvenirs, some rude and inconsiderate patrons and a spectacular tour of the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter”!!! As we arrived at the entrance gate I couldn’t see the pavement because of the throngs of people. Our strategy was to visit the rides first and then explore the village. We started with Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The digital sign at the start of the line indicated a 75min estimated wait time. It was hot…we were appropriately dressed and with the line touring throughout the ”grounds” of Hogwarts, it scarcely felt like 45min had passed. My only disappointment here was that the large crowd was so noisy that I couldn’t hear all of the audio performance throughout the exhibit. Next up was a 45min line for Flight of the Hippogriff. Again, the line seemed to move rather quickly despite some patrons stopping for photographs along the way. IMO, this small roller coaster is best suited to adolescents. It is listed as a family ride in the guide, however, at 5’10 and 145lbs, I was jostled and tossed around and picked up a few bruises on this ride. Next up, the Dragon Challenge. I quickly remembered this coaster from the previous exhibit. The line here was a quick 25min as we chose the “red” line. A few unsupervised young teens were a bit annoying, but it was still an enjoyable and exhilarating ride. Now headed back through Hogsmeade to explore the streets and shops. There were bustling crowds of people everywhere many of whom pushed through without regard to common courtesy or consideration of others and it appeared as though many more than a few parents seemed to think that for the price of admission they were relieved of their parental responsibilities to teach and enforce good manners, acceptable behavior and respect for property. That said, I must acknowledge that I did notice a few stark exceptions of parents bringing up good citizens! The shoppes and stands were awesome - lots of attention to detail around every corner and quality merchandise available although, as expected, overpriced for me. Now, just in time for lunch, we arrived at the Three Broomsticks! The menu appealed to us, and despite the apparent crowd we managed to reach the counter within about 10min to pick up our meals including one souvenir Butter beer cup for ~$30. We enjoyed our lunch and headed back out to wander the village taking a few more photos before buying a Pumpkin juice and heading over to the next island. Also worth noting is that I never had to wait in line for the restrooms throughout the day. Lastly, I’d agree that the staff that I did encounter did not present themselves as part of the experience despite the costume/uniform/props that they had. That wasn’t a really big deal to me, but I could see where that would be a big part of the experience for a child. One employee in particular at the Three Broomsticks, was not able to answer common routine questions from patrons such as the location of the nearest restroom, where to get more condiments and drink refills or does the menu change for dinner. I really loved this new area of Islands of Adventure. My visit would have been even better if only people were kinder and more considerate of those around them.

  • RonniePotter

    I have gone to this theme park multiple times and with each time i go the service and everything just gets better. They even built another section to dervish and bangs to hold the crowds in. I have to admit that the employees do talk together about their home lives but i think that it adds to the feel of the park. you are supposed to be in a village, when your in hogwarts you are in a school, in any normal situation you will most likely be talking to your friends about your plans and what you did. Especially in the school. They are supposed to be students, of course they are going to be talking about the personal lives go to any high school and that’s what you’ll get. Every time i have gone all the people have been more than kind to me, always smiling and being very helpful. Now sometimes they get irritated but wouldn’t you if you had hundreds of people coming up to you complaining about how they have run out of merchandise. Also complaining to them isn’t going to do anything, they dont control how much merchandise they have. The theming for this is phenominal. I absolutely love it they could not have done a better job. And as for people saying disney would do a better job, i fully disagree. Disney would have made it a happily ever after place where nothing bad happens and everything would bee all kidified. First off if you ever opened a harry potter book you will have realized they are not happy go lucky. They are full of real life situations that people are forced into. Disney would have ruined it completly. I have been researching the theme park since i first heard about it way back in 2007 and J.K. Rowling was originally going to sign on with disney but at the last minute she backed out because disney wanted full control and they wouldn’t take her oppinion into account. And as for the crowds, harry potter is probably the biggest franchise int he world. People are coming from EVERYWHERE to go to this place. When you go to harry potter land you hear so many different languages you loose track of them. So of course there are going to be massive crowds. Try and think about this stuff reasonably *cough* NotAsheep* *Cough cough* And with children not being able to ride the ride, the forbidden journey jerks you around everywhere literally you go in every direction imaginable. If your children were to have gone on it they would have very likely fallen off. And you can tour the castle if your not going on the ride, my parents wanted to see the castle but not go on the ride and when you get to the top right before you go on the ride, there is a section where you can get off and wait for the others to get off the ride.

  • Dongle_cable28

    LOSE not LOOSE

  • HPfan223

    The shops are small because J.K. Rowling wanted them to be authentic-looking, like in the movies. She planned out the size of the shops, so it doesn’t get anymore authentic than this!

  • Cheergirl1197

    You really think Disney is any cheaper? Their day tickets are about as much as one universal year ticket! Don’t ruin kids’ fun with the park.

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  • Tra0312

    can you take pictures on line?

  • Harry_Potter_Park_ftw

    I am going to the Harry Potter Island in a week time!  I am SOOOO excited!  Last night I couldn’t sleep; I started googling it and now I know nearly everything I need to know!  I have one question, however.  You know how Ollivander chooses this person to get chosen by a wand?  Well, can you buy the wands he uses to choose, or only the character wands?  Thanks anyways!

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    How can you aford that?

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    hi, thanks for the review. im really excited after reading it. heading to HP theme park in 4wks time, cant wait. thanks. willow in eire.

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    is it still worth going even though there’s only like 3 rides?

  • http://www.guide2disney.com/ Disney_Guide

    That’s really up to you. It may only be three rides in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park, but it’s part of a much larger Islands of Adventure park with LOTS of very fun rides.

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    Is Forbidden Journey a scary ride? Does it have a lot of up & down and sharp drop? I’m not scary for the movie scene just afraid it will be like a roller coster ride. Please comment. Thanks.

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    Cute review,sounds like my 11 year old will love it! This is a opinion I can trust.

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